Gurindji Freedomday 50th Anniversary ::: August 2016 :::
Background: Kalkarindji and Daguragu are on the traditional homelands of the Gurindji people, and these
communities are linked to the Malgnin, Mudpurra, Bilinara, Ngarinman and Warlpiri peoples
through the historic Walkoff from Wave Hill Station, which was initially established on Gurindji
traditional lands in 1883. At the time of the Walkoff, Wave Hill Station had been owned
by British Lord Vestey's family since 1914. The Gurindji Walkoff was initiated by Gurindji/
Malgnin leader, Vincent Lingiari, on 23 August 1966 and lasted till 1974, an event which lit
the fire that became the national land rights movement.

On 26 August, 1975, then Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam officially handed
back his peoples' traditional lands to Vincent Lingiari in the community of Daguragu. While
Vincent and many of his contemporaries have since passed away, elders who participated in
this monumental community-driven movement continue to stand strong in their country.
They and their descendants invite you to come and share this anniversary with us, listen to
our elders' stories and experiences over the almost four decades since that historic time in
the late 1960s, and support us in our aims for our current and future younger generations.

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